Call for Nominations to DAEE Board of Directors

The DAEE Board of Directors (BOD) approved the DAEE By-Laws at the January 13, 2011 BOD meeting. The current BOD has served in an interim capacity for the past two years. The by-laws call for an election of a BOD to one and two year terms so that there will continuity on the Board from year to year.

The BOD consists of 10-24 persons primarily representing formal and non-formal fields of environmental education. A slate of nominated candidates for the BOD will be presented for a vote at the annual meeting on February 26, 2011. Within 30 days after the annual meeting, the newly elected BOD will meet to select from among the elected Board members those who will serve on the Executive Committee as Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Co-Secretary, Treasurer, NAAEE Liaison, and one at-large member.

Board members will be expected to meet from between 2-6 times per year to conduct the business of the Association and to serve on various committees as needed. Meeting dates and times will be flexible toallow for those who may be unable to always attend due to their work situation, therefore at least one or more late afternoon/early evening meetings will be held to encourage participation by formal educators.

If you are interested in being nominated and elected to the DAEE Board of Directors, please submit your name and affiliation, your professional qualifications, why you support DAEE and whether you want aone-year or two-year term in office using this DAEE Board Nomination and Election Form. The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 11, 2011. Please email your nomination information to Barbara Woodford at


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