News – April 2011

2011 DAEE Conference2nd Annual Meeting a Resounding Success!

Thanks to each of the 94 people who attended the February conference. We had so many positive comments. Almost half of you were there for your first DAEE conference which means at least half of our first year attendees did not attend this conference.

Since DAEE membership has been tied to the conference registration, those who did not attend will be receiving an email and/or dues notice in the mail. We want to maintain our entire membership base and we hope that you feel that DAEE is worthy of your support. Dues are only $15.00 per year and there are also organizational/business memberships available.

Executive Committee Elected at March Board of Directors Meeting

Congratulations to the following Board members who were elected to the DAEE Executive Committee: Rick Mickowski, Chair; Jennifer Holmes, Vice-Chair; Cheryl Jackson, Secretary; Dot Abbott, Co-Secretary; Flavia Rutkosky, Treasurer;  Marianne Walch, At-Large Member; and Ashley Peebles, NAAEE Liaison. We thank each of you for agreeing to lead DAEE over the next year.

We are also happy to report that Dawn Webb has agreed to chair the 2012 Conference Planning Committee. A theme and location will be announced later this fall. Additional Board members elected at the annual meeting are Lynne Betts, Dorothy Sheehan, Lisa Tossey, Susan Yost, Angel Burns, Barbara Woodford, and David Pragoff.

Professional Development Workshop Being Planned

Ashley Peebles is a certified EE Trainer and has agreed to schedule and hold the NAAEE “Guidelines for Excellence” workshop on Wednesday, August 17th at the Delaware Department of Agriculture in Dover. This workshop is designed for both formal and non-formal environmental educators and takes you through the process of improving and evaluating your outreach efforts. It will also include the EE certification process to become a certified EE instructor.

Special Needs Participants and EE Outreach – Workshop Scheduled for June (Tentative)

Many positive comments came back from the session at the annual conference that was taught by Kristina Failing but all said there was not enough time to adequately cover the topic. We are making plans to hold a full-day workshop in late June that would delve more deeply into working with special needs audiences and participants in environmental education programs. Stay tuned for more details.

NAAEE Affiliate Summit in Maryland

Delaware is an affiliate chapter of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). Ashley Peebles serves as our delegate to NAAEE. She will be attending the Affiliate Summit April 8-10 in Baltimore, Maryland. They will be working on the Affiliate Network Strategic Plan.

Delaware will be represented at the EPA Environmental Education Summit being held in Washington D.C. in June. This Summit seeks to foster regional cooperation and joint efforts for environmental education outreach, training and conferences.


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