Teacher Professional Development Program

The Delaware Department of Education and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation invite  you to join us for a high-quality teacher professional development program!

WHAT: HANDS-ON field-based investigations in the diverse environments of Delmarva and the Chesapeake Bay

WHEN: June 20-24, 2011 (overnight/residential)

WHERE: Delaware locations in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and CBF’s Smith Island Environmental Study Center

Go to http://www.cbf.org/JuneCC2011 and fill out the online registration form or download the print version.

$150.00 per 5-day Summer Course (activities, food, lodging, and education materials included) Each Delaware public school teacher will receive a $500 stipend (up to 10 teachers) to offset the $150 registration fee and travel expenses for the week-long Institute. This stipend is available to the first 10 Delaware public school teachers who register.

Credit: Teachers can earn Delaware professional development recertification hours or graduate credit from Catholic University of America for an additional tuition fee.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact:

The training is designed for grades 4-8 and will focus on the integration of Geography Standard Two and the existing units from the Delaware Science Coalition for these grades.

The science standards addressed will be:

  • Standard 1: Science as Inquiry
  • Standard 5: Earth’s Dynamic Systems
  • Standard 6: Life Processes
  • Standard 7: Diversity and continuity of Living things
  • Standard 8: Ecology

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