Earth Education Workshop

This program will motivate learners in understanding basic ecological processes, developing positive feelings about the natural world, and using their new understandings and feelings to begin making changes in their own environmental habits. If you recognize that we need a more structured educational response to our environmental problems, believe in providing direct contact with the natural world through adventuresome learning experiences, and want to assist people in developing a deeper personal relationship with their home planet, then this workshop was designed with you in mind.

In an introductory earth education workshop you will receive:
    + an overview of the history and methodology of earth education
    + an explanation of how environmental education went “astray”
    + exposure to dynamic techniques which captivate learners
    + an introduction to concept-building and -structuring
    + a step-by-step description of a model earth education program
    + participation in both the understanding and feeling components of earth education

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013
Where: Baltimore, Maryland
Location: Marshy Point Nature Center
Cost: $40
Contact Person: Mike Mayer ( 520-822-6002 or Kirk Dreier ( 410-887-2817

For more information, see this flyer or visit


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