Advocacy and Policy

DAEE strives to support efforts that promote getting Delawareans into nature and promote making environmental education a routine and valued part of education in Delaware.

For example:

DAEE supports an Outdoor Bill of Rights to be passed by the Delaware legislature making access to meaningful experiences in and with nature a regular part of education and standard component of all communities in Delaware.

DAEE supports making environmental literacy a required part of k-12 education in Delaware. By graduation, students should be able to demonstrate basic environmental literacy. 

DAEE supports schools having inviting, engaging natural areas that can expose children individually or through classes to meaningful outdoor experiences. 

DAEE supports school districts making outside time a standard part of a school day. 

DAEE supports schools investing in their teachers, making sure they are environmentally literate and prepared to effectively engage their students in meaningful experiences outside with nature. 

Do you have ideas for how DAEE can support these causes? Do you have ideas of your own that DAEE might want to take a position on? Get in touch with us at Are you a member? How about you consider joining our Board or a committee.

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