Delaware Environmental Literacy Plan

The Delaware Environmental Literacy Plan was written in 2015 by DCIN.

The plan address three major issues:

1. Defining meaningful outdoor experiences for students, children, families, and community members.

A community is environmentally literate when its members possess the knowledge, skills, understanding, attitude, experiences, and motivation to sustainably use, enjoy and protect natural and cultural resources.

2. Defining the need for an environmentally literate community in Delaware.

As environmental challenges increase with population growth, and more stress is put on our natural systems, environmentally literate citizens are needed to create solutions.

3. Establishes goals for environmental literacy at home, work, school, and at leisure.

Meaningful outdoor experiences can fit in the teaching sequence at significant times when unique opportunities exist to make strong connections between concepts and content.

View the Delaware Environmental Literacy Plan below or download it HERE.

A revision of the plan may be in the near future. If you have ideas get in touch with us at or if you’d like to help, considering joining our Board or a committee.